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Following are the Representatives in the diflferent districts

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All communications regarding papers reports etc. should be addressed to the Editor

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at full term is safer for mother and child than myomectomy.

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tures to medical students and doctors on the treatment of new

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found in the literature and also one case which occurred in his

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solidation a committee from each institution has been appointed

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Sjrnonyms. Asiatic cholera epidemic cholera malignant cholera.

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scribes a living child born without any trace of arms or legs.

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courts recently advanced by the Journal was unanimously

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An interesting case of Banti s disease is reported by Dr. Field

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third suggests that the pus is of urethral origin. When pres

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Within its pages a vast quantity of clinical study has been incorporated

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from the body. Nephritis is invariably associated with

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diarrhea begins to subside in a few days and the evacuations are

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for their character on the location of the lesion. Thus if the psychic

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structed its legislative committee to write letters to our re

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tion it has seemed to me that the discussion of some of these

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shows that they have no effect on the secretive power of the

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and modes of prevention become as important to man as are now

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Official statistics recently published show a great diminution

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we must know something of the life history of the organism

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berculosis and to provide for the care and treatment of indi

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pointed to bring before t e next meeting a report showing the

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fever and its attendant phenomena which soon asstunes a typhoid

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culosis not before six months and rickets not till the second year.

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chronic blepharitides conjunctival hyperemias especially of a

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Thirty first Legislature. The secretaries of the larger societies

The Gay Married Men's Association of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area