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A column of air is then forced out between the upper-
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forward of the pelvis, thus necessitating a compen-sating
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only a few hours' duration. The emesis commonly oc-
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ifles sounds made by the vocal represents the features un-
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minations and fibres, but the discussion of this question
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will find a very clear statement of the arguments in favor
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just above and behind that of the long peroneal muscle.
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if none is present, to the most accessible portions of the
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are usually late secondary, or early or late tertiary syphi-
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or non-traumatic origin in adults is good, if the general
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metres long, slightly branched, or simple, covered with
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live out his natural days, so far as regards the disorder
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other. They may also be found in any part of the verti-
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peritoneal inflammation. The question of the existence
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Ophthalmological Congress, New Torfc, 1876, p. 237.
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tom, and is, usually, most troublesome in the evening.
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skilful use of drugs is ineffective. This introduces to the
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principle, and deserve permanent recognition. The vast
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in origin, and that spinal lesions, when present, are sec-
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somewhat frequently to chronic or subacute inflamma-
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litic symptoms, which, in consequence of difference of in-
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stimulating the chorda, it is thick and turbid, and may
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rendered adaptable for still freer movement by the pos-
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of the lesion, though there is also, at times, slight pare-
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phoid cells. The blood-vessels in the newly developed

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