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results following its use even in the severest forms of
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sulting from descending cholangitis described prev
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been normal. I could not write sentences and at times could not
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perineal tumor over which the skin was tightly stretched like a
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For alopecia rub into the scalp once daily the following lotion
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Nov. says that surgical measures are often demanded
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between the bandage and the large blood vessels. It
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hours the child became partially unconscious and developed weak
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tion are i By inhalation by ingestion of tuberculous material
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pigs and proved infectious in a large proportion of the cases.
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There appears also to be an absence of the danger of infec
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there was no improvement under treatment and the eye will
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waters to abstain from oysters and other shell fish of unknown origin
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ment of just such cases. The physician does harm not only to his
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at the quarantine station. The company has arranged with the
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tions will be added. It has been noted that a continuance of the
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turbing factor in these matters. The word food is the one which
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communities the difficulties of this entire problem would be
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cant in its ravages at others without seeming rhyme
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also of the excretions from the intestinal canal the kidneys and
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this is not easy for differential diagnosis between organic
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is possible that a bougie may then be made to enter
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Several authorities advise emptying the uterus with all pos
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roptosia or genital ptosia is part and parcel of a general disease
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not adhere to wounds unless changed two or more times daily.
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break in a summer home above the intake of the city water supply
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instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go. I
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by the antialcoholic crusade of the harmfulness of this substance.
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method are a further advantage in gaining the patient s consent

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