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in appearance. In this cavity lay the pancreas, surrounded by the same
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to be no common causative agency for the two, but they
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segment is rendered either anaemic or hypersemic, the
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of this Infirmary, may depend upon being ireated upon
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of oxygen influences their consistence. Ijastly, certain neutral salts impede or
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splendid record as regards safety ^ recommend it to all concerned.
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exist cases where craniotomy, for example, is indispensable; but, never-
to do. I was afraid to leave this large retroperitoneal wound without
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gram of urea per kilo of body weight is said to be passed in
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wUmAs many persons, and that from a single individual the disease may
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side as a stellate figure {monaster) arranged around
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Times and Gaz.,' Dec. 17, 1853, p. 639). A man died on the second day after he
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liljcral dietary previously indicated being slowly resumed.
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The paper was discussed by members present, and a few cases bearing on
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sory AV pathway (e.g , W-P-W or L-G-L syndromes) may develop a
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Post-mortem, thirteen hours after death. — Moderate rigor mortis.
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Treatment. In the management of a case of eczema, it is of the
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and atrophic cirrhosis are very different conditions and
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general phenomena, whicli tortures the patients, and is likely
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of pulmonary tuberculosis. Although the temperature curve resem-
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and leaves the capillaries. Have the authors of this paper made any obser-
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at the median line by a vertical incision downward.
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dissolve, then add remainder of water. This gives a
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and in the subcutaneous areolar tissue, the latter constituting either
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also in crapulous diarrhoea, and in the summer cholera of Syden-
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operation, nothing revives the patient so quickly as
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racter, but widely differing from those usually manifested
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alone or in the form of bitter beer. In the mouth, these drugs
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be a minimal puncture. Her speech was fluent, and she was
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of these cases. It may be that the explanation in some cases is
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the perfectly preserved remains of a thermal establish-
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(a) by excluding other conditions which might give rise to post-
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have been presented again and again through all the
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155, the diastolic remaining at 70. An electrocardiogram (Fig. 7) showed that
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I have a patient — a magnificently developed young
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Current Medical Literature. This department is worked by
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indorsement. The result, however, in this case had been
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end of the last century Davy showed that insensibility might be induced
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Relations of Tetaius to Various Nervous Diseases. 251
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scabs, varying in size from a small pea to that of a sixpence at the base. Other
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and weakness of the pulse, great depression of strength, delirium,
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tion from the normal in those movements that are excited by the oere-
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clusters of tubercle bacilli in the rectal mucus, and in this way the recognition
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antibodies of cancer are productive of the same re-
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water. Dr. Beatty says he orders a teaspoonful (!) to a
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So far as the respiratory system is concerned, the nose,
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margin of the other rectus, 'leaving a short space each side of
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ure in their careers. When saying all this, Hartmann
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