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of pus, that I asked him to proceed, but anxiously watched the

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ConneU, Arthur John, a, w, sp, Beloit, Wis. S.B. (Beloit C.) '19; M.S. (U. of

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called, or pustules as they really are, on the faces of those just arriving

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Halsted and removes the lesser pectoral muscle at the same time. Hal-

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sickness and pain in the back. The urine was drawn off, she

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cephalin are present. The special interest of the present work centers

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denser was attached and the boiling continued for 3 hours.^ The

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a remark is a sufficient guarantee of that household. It is eloquent

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from whence it is evident that there is a univerfal de-

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ergotism. It is true that people who live in districts where leprosy is common

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ally young and robust. It is noticeable that the operations had always been

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repeat, however, that I believe such hemorrhages to be very rare,

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character of the surgical art. All the horrible part of the business of

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such wonderful results from asepsis and antispetics, we use the

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citizens, his patients lost a good and conscientious physician,

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strikingly successful case of pneumotomy for an enormous abscess

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generally subsides, under the free use of atropine ; if it does not, an

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ing water, and 3 liters of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide added. The

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core which is well mineralized. The sedimentary rocks

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other ovary, which was then removed, and the patient

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but I do say that with the increased experience of operators it will be

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If the South is thus dealt with, thus repopulated with work-

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quent upon the administration of the stronger ones.

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the various distinct portions of the body and that these

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only succeeds such causative factors as have been mentioned in

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had failed to dilate the os. and had died away, to be

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in the first, the forceps had advanced the breech to the

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tion, and concludes very logically that operative treatment in the

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In illustration of this particular subject, and of our

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brum to the gray matter of the cord, there is paralysis

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imbedded in the vitiated cerumen, and springing from which

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These and other representations made to the board resulted in the

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discussion of the subject of which it treats, and theo-

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