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pains, bloody stools, and the detection of a firm and nodular tumor.

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self-correction of errors of living and thinking. In this way

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Definition. — An infiltration of serum into the subarachnoid space

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On palpation the tactile fremitus may be found to be diminished or ab-

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there follows an immense thickening of the bladder-wall from hyperplasia

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ness being lost gradually. Coma deepens and the case, as a rule, termi-

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gases that gain admission to the abscess-sac from the intestines force the

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lime-water, with the external application of heat by means of poultices,

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abdomen or, as a last resort, by cutting down upon the nerve itself.

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rix occupies the middle of each proglottis, and is provided with from

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taken. By this procedure the physician is able to ascertain for each

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exudate, and the rapid resorption of the copious effusion may greatly

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or internal constriction, (e) Congenital stricture or giant groivth of the

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fermentative processes set up by the starch. Even granting, however,

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viduals in the same locality. (5) hereditary influence has been trace-

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of the stomach is, in the estimation of the writer, of great interest

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not penetrate the tissues, however. The principal flies that infest wounds

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ions, and 12 without anv regard to it. The law embraces the followins;

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" consist of a uniformly turbid ground-substance, which, on the addition


those built up by process of induction, as the natural or empirical

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uremia (especially Avhen beginning with cerebral manifestations, as coma

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This was used in the form of compresses, and changed twice

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where the inflammatory condition has been going on for quite a

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The course is prolonged into days or Course is brief, terminating in death or

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bral cortical areas suifer more from metallic irritation than do the

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mesenteric and retroperitoneal glands may be enlarged and hemorrhagic.

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way of a "Homoeopathic father" he would command from an un-

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The symptoini< are those of mechanical obstruction, and consist of

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tongue of a nuinber of deep fissures and indentations, giving the organ

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Drs. L. D. Wilson and Frank A. SAvartevant were elected members

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ach for uncontrollable vomiting and pain have, however, been frequently

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dioxid, and the temperature ranges from 82°-95° F. (27.7°-35° C)-

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patient halts, both legs having become fixed ; after a time they relax and

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sibilities are greatly blunted. Gastro-intestinal symptoms are prominent,

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small hemorrhages may finally produce the same result as a single large

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Diagnosis. — This rests upon the etiology, the presence of scars in


vomita consisting of altered blood, giving rise to the so-called " black

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" If this text-book is a fair reflex of the present position of American surgery, we must

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nervous dyspepsia, but are more constantly present. The analysis of

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are local. Out of 200 cases Leube found fever in about one-third, the

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large amount of squamous epithelium, leptothrix, and the food-remnants

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Symptoms. — W^hen the hemorrbage is large enough to cause pressure,

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