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of smooth muscular fibre, an outer circular, and an in-

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largely upon the bodily vigor and activity, at the time of

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lie between the inner fibres of the corneo-scleral junction

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whicli contracts in the central portion, and the same um-

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fered from excessive sleep since six years previously,

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According to Legoyt (1856-1860), the middle classes and

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was present, from a fracture near it. Mull was unable to

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found, furthermore, occasionally in the gall-bladder and

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the glosBO-pharyngeal nerve, viz., a feeling of scratching

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within ten days — the period of incubation in small-pox

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the external surface, and, secondly, the cells of the alveo-

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the very beginning, and insidious in its development.

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semble tubercle bacilli. They are usually embedded in

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ever, to perish without attaining that development.

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high specific gravity and heightened color. With this

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It is evident, from both anatomical and physiological con-

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found lying upon and between the fibres are lymph-cells.

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this recovery is seldom altogether complete, and more or

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be evident that the sides of these channels will require to

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much as in sewer- water with excreta. The exclusion of

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itself. The fascias and tendons of the ocular muscles are •

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But such a course is entirely exceptional. The patients

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of the flap with the adjoining integument is preservecJ

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been used as a remedy for snake-bites. It was introduced

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Youngpersons, the hysterical, those of sensitive nervous

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Cor. 1870, 71, 72, 80, 81, 82. H. 1879. 72, GrOSVeilOr-

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may be cut out, or it may take place in broad bands or in

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has some value in local diagnosis, as the area of the skin

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gastric juice. It is usually intensified by stimulating ar-

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2. Inflammation of the oviducts is a cause of sterility.

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causes unpleasant sensations. As a rule, navigation is

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tion (impeded nutrition) causes, according to the hypoth-

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