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examined pus was seen in the middle meatal region ; a foul discharge
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jiarts dilatable, with the os open to the size of a fifty-cent piece.
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031-633. — I.iaglerze (P.) Atrofla de la papiln ; esclero-
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sore, it is wise to begin at once, and eat nothing but fruit3 and coarse bread ; keep
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its intimate connexion with the inner lamina of the fheath, which,
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tioned. A calculus formed in the pelvis of the kidney frequently leads
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son is she who has received a lacerated perineum; most unfortunate is
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ment is then traced by means of two transverse incisions
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that regret — that I did not perform the operation when the patient
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erally by obstructions to its free circulation. In view
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Cf. also. Thompson, W. H.: Ztschr. f. physiol. Chem., 1900, 29, p. 1; Gay. F. P.. and
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and the pulse is rapid and feeble, that is enough. A sur-
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first stage of a chronic disease, unmarked by pain or fever,
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Another anomaly is, that the production of the dead
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japonicum Katsurada 1904, and is characterized by diarrhcea and
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which came under my notice whilst acting as temporary
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Dr. Dalton's paper was, on motion, referred to the Pub-
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atose condition, followed, after six days, by gradual
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discussed, both in their organic and functional aspects.
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siderable distance beyond the surfiswje of the wound. Between
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flatulent dyspepsia, deficient gastro-intestinal secretion,
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change or electrically, the effect was the same ; this fact,
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record of the case which is a permanent possession, and invalua-
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be influenced in their lives and those of their descendants, per-
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that one case began on the eleventh day. In our .series (Table I)
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tuberances on the surface ; it was covered at its base
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potash 5 grains, or even iodide of potassium in similar amount.
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Bednar's Aphthae. — These are small, whitish plaques occurring in the
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160/0. Diagnosis: Aortic insufficiency and aortitis.
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jlittle exertion. Their food should be as ample as they can
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Satterthwaite. Dr. T. E., glioma of cerebellum, 234.
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must be some most grievous weakness and fault in the

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