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nerves), and a final comatose condition, usually of short duration j and
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disease ; strychnine, acting as it does simultaneously on the circulation
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character of the operation. I believe the shock and traumatic fever
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process, although there is often no difference in etiology.
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rated, the surface of the kidney injected, perhaps dotted with punctate
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In the cerebral cases should be included those which are commonly
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But the real object of the Doctor's paper seems to have been to
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white bread, practically a glass of the liquid and a roll of bread. The
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lutely avoided. In camp or adynamic dysentery the ipecacuanha treat-
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removing into such regions were goitrous, those born after such removal
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ETIOLOGY. The etiology of genuine fibrous pneumonia is presumably
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are at first widely separated, but converge as they pass inward through
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and the absorption of the clot favored by rest and proper care. Serious
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or three days either in fatal asphyxia or in collapse.
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hystero-epileptic attack is accompanied by only a slight rise of tempera-
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about half a gland from a steer, or five grains of the dried gland may
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these authors as a hernia of the mucous membrane through a weakened
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vous symptoms of acute uraemia are usually severe, may be sudden and
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* Birds, stallions, and probably other animals occasionally die of apoplexy during
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festations to the type of the pneumonia or the typhoid or whatever other
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same as those of catarrhal inflammation elsewhere in the intestine. But
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in the article on nephritis. The immediate effect of the removal of
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PROGNOSIS. The prognosis of compression myelitis depends entirely
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and may prove ineffectual in retarding the growth of the cyst. Of late
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exciting causes, escaped without an attack, whilst others not so careful,
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If the muscles of the jaw are invaded, mastication is difficult, and in-
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parietal convolutions, including the upper portion, which is seen on the
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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. In the mildest form of delirium tremens, the
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Government Hoepital PatienU — The number of sick and wounded in

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