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There was no redness nor swelling of the fauces, nor was any pain
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After his death, I learned, that on last New Year's Eve he had
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surely induce scurvy, independent of climate, latitude, race, or sex. ' It is
when the carbon dioxide rises to 3 per cent, the volume of the air
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or follow wasting acute or chronic maladies, prolonged lactation, syphilis,"
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We shall briefly state some of these effects, with a view of
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on alternate days. The animals showed no response whatever to the
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0.02 cc. The first intravenous or toxic injection, of 0.38 cc, was uni-
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matism called torticollis, or wry-neck. (See art. Rheumatism.) A branch
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exert a marked influence in the production of bronchitis, to which,
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teeth, in the cases of exalted sensibility of the cornea, which come
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this organism is commonly met with in the mouth secretions of
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of quinine administer one-fourth of a grain of morphia. The morphine
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inoculated with the serum of hypersensitive animals become them-
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may be assumed, if these factors are really as closely connected with the
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dicate its character, but the attack of coma or delirium will be preceded
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cultural reactions. In discussing swine fever (19) he assumes that B. snipeslifer
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bral veins and sinuses by thrombi only. The changes in, and effects pro-
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the caustic should project only very slightly from its case. Many
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tralizing and bringing to the original volume. It was found that
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relief from this complaint by means of Lycop. 200. So that
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which there was a slight opacity at the base of the brain; there was
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Dr. Moehringf reports between two and three hundred cases ; about
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only to have a tendency to render the American more brisk and*
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(3) The injury is due to the exposure of the cell to direct or indirect
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the area. It was found also that the value of the rate in relation
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at 56°C. for one-half hour. The spirochetal suspension, containing six to eight
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the nasal fossse, or the orbit of the eye." Multiple abscesses are small ;

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