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being inoculated with antityphoid serum, and 70^ of the
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Jmirual of the Aincriian Medical Ass' n, Dec. S, i()oo.
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difficulty, into one row-boat, and then again hoisted
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end are fully mobilized to permit of their tessory source. No direct proof, how-
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Degenerative changes in the cord may be caused by anemia (p. 1087).
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minced, and ground in a mortar; an emulsion is then prepared by the
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Prognosis is favourable ; because the mortality is small.
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the seat of lesion. So accordingly the liver and pancreas
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after the beginning of the fever (which at first was sup-
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there are some differences of opinion as to the nature of this connection.
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individual affected with malaria, however, there were
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it was deemed expedient to make use of a double olfactometer
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which was very hard to diagnose, and showed ulcers in
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which therefore accumulates, and the hepatic derangement and chronic
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surgery in the State of New York, shall register his
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cieties of various lands next year at Paris. The question
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Percussion yields a characteristic hyperresonance. This may be distinctly
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preliminary studies to be taken up be^'ond this, they should be
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from the use of either, he could not but believe that both were
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tion to the intensity of the inflammation of the append-
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It is necessary, therefore, to see the patient twice or thrice a
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E. Chatard, Jr., to see a case of such unusual interest, that with his per-
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throne, when instantly burst forth the crash on crash of music, led by
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way the extraction is rendered more complete, because free bile-pigment is insoluble
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sensory alterations, it felt different from the right when
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bination of granulomatous and suppurative reactions. There were areas of
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Dr. Paul F. Munde, of New York ; and a "Manual of Diseases and Deformi-
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biliary colic in which inflammation plays an important,
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took effect ; in one case the patient died, but not of the
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time ; the only question indeed, with regard to its propriety in this dis-
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cnroniatic substances enveloping the granules. Prowazek considers the
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as you see, about an inch and a half of the two limits of the loop
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Dropsy may be defined as an accumulation of watery or
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In fact, most superficial inflammatory surgical affections are
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larger. Hence he decided to enucleate the tumor by the vagina,
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method; but it w T as manv vears before the effects of muscular work received
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it the throat and gullet. Mr. Iliff, j un ., has reported the case of a little
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of having once noticed a beaded appearance. If the germs remain alive in
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of unjust criticism where he had to defend his opinions and acts against
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may mention considerable involvement of the broad ligaments, bladder,
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examining solar light by passing it through the voltaic arc, and so
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ture of the presentations and sevei'ity or tedious-

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