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disease are the various deformities which occur. Vari-

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sion is situated above the cervical enlargement, corre-

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inflammatory character which involves the gums, the

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trouble begins at once. Inflammatory affections of the

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jaw. Here, when practicable, cervical abscess should al-

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For the purpose of stimulating or otherwise dressing

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standing the evidence of Pallopius, Sennert, and others,

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• Wadfiworth, O. F.: Case of Ectropion Cured by Transplantation of a

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the free surface of membranes, such as the ordinary se-

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the lids, conjunctivEe, cornea, iris, choroid, retina, and

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found present with considerable constancy, the patellar

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scopic size, the largest (Carina, Tons les Mois) barely

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erage may be tersely described l)y a certificate given by

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or root zones. AnfEstbesia rarely follows organic cere-

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Prognosis. — To arrive at a reasonable prognosis in a

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them as a result of much scientific and experimental work.

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strip supports its proportion of the weight of the leg.


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close to chloral in its value as a hypnotic. In some per-

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direction of the two principal meridians of a cylindrical

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in the heart and spleen. The symptoms of hepatic gum-

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taining the parts in the position of the original deformity

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local peritonitis, ice-bags may be applied. Vomiting is,

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and here is the great difficulty. Masturbation and sexual

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on May 2, 1885, with the following history : One year

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the Ovarian Ovum, and the Segmentation of the Ovum, Q. J. M. S.,

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lateral columns are affected, many of the appearances of

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rule for the lesion to .invade one part after another rather

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of the same character and structure. Numerous small

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holism ; it may be caused by excessive eating of acid

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ing less common, and the pain less severe, more dissemi-

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rare in them than in men.*' The manner of its relation

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the eye, and, conversely, a concave lens loses in effective power with any increase in its:

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representing the Haversian canals. These parts are sur-

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auric chloride, liglit-j'ellow precipitates, gradually be-

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beri the result of insufficient alimentation brought about

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accidental impressions, it seems unlikely that any ethno-

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do not allow the surface water to enter, what are we

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treatment must be symptomatic and carried out on the

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opacity of the adjacent cornea, is the characteristic ob-

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sensations ; his appetite fails, and he grows thin ; be-

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face cool and dry, or clammy, and the temperature nor-

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plasma. If the hajmorrhage bo very profuse, the vom-

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are rather apt to follow very extensive blistering. This

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and ciliary, as being the media of transmission of the-

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involution. The eruption may persist for months, and,

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