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the letter S. This observation was corroborated by Garland by means of
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whilst in contact with bone. Hence the importance of leaving all the
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commonly a peculiar susceptibility to the action of laxative drugs ; but
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spinal convulsion is without loss of consciousness, with heightened re-
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order, to be treated by mechanical means ; if the case be not malignant,
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The military surffeon has no question submitted to his discretion of
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of the inflammation. The same is true, though to a lesser degree,
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prostration of the patient is extreme, and swallowing is difficult, largely
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of a probable locomotor ataxia. The occurrence of three of these symp-
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nerve-would cause opposite hemiplegia and tenor third Ol the Capsule the lOSS Of
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the new-born, artificial insufflation of the lungs by breathing into the
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Brown induration of the lung gives rise to no especial symptoms while
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character of the attack is always revealed by the snarling, the barking,
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hydrochloric acid is present, and the experienced eye is able usually to
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Treatment of Symptoms and Accidents. The medicinal treatment of
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however, be so extreme as completely to mask the paralysis.
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also pain centres in the ankle, especially the inner side, and in the dorsum
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general temperature, by increasing the activity of change in animal and
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Ulcer of the stomach is to be eliminated by the age of the patient, the
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Lithotrity has yet proved by far the most perfect substitute : and,
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It is often of the greatest importance to afford a strong motive which
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TREATMENT. There is no specific treatment of typhus fever. The
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TREATMENT. Experience with polymyositis has been so limited that
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of motion on the opposite side of the body. It is true that cases in
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siderosis, and bits of sand among stone-cutters, producing chalicosis. The
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Kocher and Reverdin, that total extirpation of the thyroid gland in the
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matic neurasthenia, if well developed, are always very serious, requiring
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water and strong alcohol. A bit of purulent sputum is to be removed by
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neighboring lymph-glands are swollen and tender, there is distinct febrile
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cular stiffness. This condition is assumed to be the result of a spasm
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sure to cold or to injury. Most cases of pleurisy, however, are secondary,

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