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potassium citrate, etc., in sufficient doses to render, and then maintain,
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venous hum, with the low percentajie of hemonloliin, as shown hy
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an aspiration needle, but this is not considered safe. There
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been treated by carbolic acid, known as Baccelli's method.
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dering appendicitis, a grave trouble, of more frequent occur-
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regarding its value, outside of his few immediate scholars and dis-
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its hold ixpon medical men. The following pages are intended to aid
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IlilT-joint am)>utations are fitted witli a leather cu]i. wliidi
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in the mouth, pharynx, etc.. and then be carried along into the
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E. Armstrong, C.M.G. ; Dr. George W. Badgerow, London, Eng-
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" Method Practised in the Munich Military Hospital. — Early Stay;. —
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the latter (unassociated with pneumonia) Ave often meet with those sug-
venous hum, with the low percentajie of hemonloliin, as shown hy
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in value to submersion in the prevention and cure of inflammation, and
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symptoms (delirium, stupor, coma) may appear early. The upper lobes
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fat 3.76, milk-sugar 6.95, mineral matter .14, water 87.11;
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in older children the flanks or subscapular spaces may be chosen as well.
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an economic point of view from the very start of tlie infection
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to them in selection and cultivation, are doubtless the finest
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crease of elimination in the second case was on the second day, amount-
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the palm and the olive grow side by side in the open air, on
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one journal, the Macmillan ("oni])any, " Official I\e])orters of the
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globe as a pessary, and the globe had from some cause been
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pressure causing increased action of the heart. These symp-
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develops secondarily to suppuration somewhere in the body.
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and served with distinction for over two years. He was of a very
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the care of the physician in many instances. Others, on account of
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larged the radial calibre, though after a certain time the peripheral
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coming from imperfect changes in digesting matters, and
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through which the stalk runs. The deadly agaric has the
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depreciation as the chief lethal factor. The latter is anterior to the hyper-

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