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in animals with variable success. Infected animals should be
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body. The bill providing for a Sanitarium for Poor Consump
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the danger of unpleasant sequels such as facial palsy is avoided
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tuberculous peritonitis resulting in a dropsical effusion offers
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the secondary period showed marked lymphocytosis. Of five
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The uninflamed portions of the lungs are hyperemic and their
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they never make but one or two visits. Now the time I think
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U. S. Army Navy and Marine Hospital Services Hospitals in New
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venous injection of the blood of an infected person. The body louse
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Professor von Noorden s second treatise deals with nephritis. His
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of the belief that colds are due to pathogenic microorganisms
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tongue and lips. The hair frequently becomes thinned or falls out
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These labia consist not in the rounded margins of the external
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until it has had the most careful consideration in Washington.

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