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deep fissures extended from the track of the bullet

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the former died whilst of the latter were fatal. Only vaccinated

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Every backache has a definite cause which may be toxic static or

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was the caput cacum coli and had no peritoneal sac. In the

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or in part of the uvula pillars of the fauces and velum

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purgatives or by diuretics are measures which are calculated to do more

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shock. During the Franco Prussian war while he was a surgeon in the

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throat. There they steadily grow in the winter and in

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Fig.. Shows a very large multinucleated cell with vacuolation and early

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Intratracheal injections are of little value as the fluid does

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usually shows intense injection of the vessels with hemorrhages

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it in the protoplasm. It is possible that P may interfere with this

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a fatty condition of the ovaries in females that have

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use of tobacco in this hospital has far from causing annoying un

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chancre believing that in most cases the induration is the primary ex

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in this way all parts are well embalmed provided clots of

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the pleural space is tantamount to a death sentence. It

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mate had been used in the treatment. Dr. Lewin said he had

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dreaded occurrence for most anesthesiologists since

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vide it carefully in two lengthwise. Divide each half

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venting either the first attacks or the recurrence of haemorr

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Upon carefully raising the clot from its position a laceration was

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Particularly is there an increase in the number of animals affected with

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examiners to be appointed in that year on the board representing it.

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prompt relief of dyspnoea. When the disease occurs among young

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