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to agree with Dr. Shaw, for he had examined a number of cases and had always found
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very slight notice, as they have been dead for some time
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specific one of a narcotic and a depressant to the heart;
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Dr. C. H. Bond' has shown that out of three hundred and fifty-five
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May IJOtli. ā€” The limb was amputated about the mid-
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polflic health, which, in some way co-operating with the special cause,
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essays a voyage across the Atlantic." The conclusions of the
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itli>emov.eĀ» the pain^ modifi^ the discharge, and improves- t4le general-
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conditions of disease of the spleen. When ])erformed,
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result has been obtained by dry cups applied to the spine, and by friction with
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Immunization. ā€” Animals both large and small can be immunized
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gard to the treatment of disease by stimulants. An idea may be had
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operation because it only partially removed the mechanical
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fever " imported by our troops from the East, as I am told a good
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much relief, as it seemed to act like a leeching to the inflamed
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The first records after the Plague are of special significance. In
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the face, and often extending over the scalp, neck, and
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The single fraction treatment for radiosurgery of Arterial Venous Malformation
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tion cannot be regarded as a morbid entity, but should
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not serious to life, but serious to health, ā€” and physi-
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quently symptoms, and symptoms only, of some obscure,
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develop in twelve hours and show as red colonies in fifteen to twenty hours.
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During the cholera epidemic of 1866 he was for a time the phy-
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Seven weeks later, marked hectic fever came on, with night-
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I am sorry I can not get a photo of this case, as the patient
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cases without icterus was 39 per cent. Brugsch, therefore, puts
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but for this serious objection, corroborate these of No. 3,
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13.4 in the country, and as, moreover, 5.4 infants under
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which on softening ruptured into the pleura causing a pneumothorax,
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a probe between the separated portions of gum, when you will find it
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