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A simple test consists in placing a coin or other weight
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home. He felt very sore in the back after the accident,
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Ceri'kalAbscess. — Here, perhaps, more than in any other
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seen, there are many factors that go to make the health-
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some swelling, along a tendon-sheath. This pain will be
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alcohol or water. Cathartic acid is a glucoside yielding
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filled well and emptied well. In rabbits very much the
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do not allow the surface water to enter, what are we
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and trophic conditions of its body area." Such an exami-
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sult from the habits of careless people. The writer has
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more toward the middle of the cells. The cells mean-
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directly from sugar, or frequently from both. One of
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asters at sea. Among recent examples is the outbreak
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situation at the o\itset, but in fifty per cent, of all cases
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puration of a simple infarction. An abscess of this kind-
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General Symptoms. — The bowels of patients suffering
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The decentration of a spherical lens, whether convex or
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tude, cephalalgia, and even slight pyrexia. The tertiary
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petrosal nei-ve to reach the otic ganglion, and from the
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pylorus, but his conclusions regarding their congenital
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Yet the stethoscope is a valuable instrument, and although
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from both forms. Exposure, over-exertion, injiu'ies, and
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the upper lid, external strabismus, and inability to move
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minous flame. The aqueous solution, on being heated
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pharmacy it has several applications, first as a preserver
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liours are little white points ; at this stage they appear
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the most noticeable tooth in the front of the mouth ; its
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spinal reflex are strong." That this should be so was
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by their rhombic form and dark-brown color. Profuse
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General Thbeapeutics. — In the functional diseases
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