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to be almost universally recognized and practised by

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irritable hearts, where the pain and palpitation are relieved ; for the

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and others, deems prompt exploratory exposure of the sinus in suspected

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severe sciatica that was benefited for a time ; in two cases of severe reflex


lecithin is very abundant in nerve tissues, and the

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tality was 14.4 per cent., while in the later 565 operations the percentage of

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was consulted, March 26th, he had had four attacks that

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peated this strength dose on January 20th and 27th, dur-

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letin General de Th'erapeutique, 1897, 1 liv., p. 15.

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ing cough, 48 cases, 6 deaths; pulmonary tuberculosis, 103

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his English, of which he became so fluent a master, and even pure Ger-

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have given it a place of more than two or three per

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Riley. Kansas, reporting not later than August 13, 1910,

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After a third of a century spent in the assiduous study, practice,

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been used, and tracings presenting any suspicion of undue weighting,

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arships is tentatively set at ten, more scholarships will be

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movements of the child became apparent they were exceedingly painful, the

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turition. Cystoscopic examination showed a contracted

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City Hospital, Qnincy, Mass., for the erection of a nurses'

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was perfectly proper, and it had to he resorted to in

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tended, its diameter being nearly three-fourths of an inch, its lining

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Department administration, 'customs of the service, and

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is the best part of the book. The directions are full and clear, and, a?

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had been noticed only two days previously. It was about an inch in diam-

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one-half hour after beginning the anesthesia, 101.6°. At this time nine

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of the fundus. As far as could be made out, however, these included

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knee, and that was sufficient to pull out any tissue

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consequents of physiological inferiority, hereditary

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ach, movements from left to right which are the ex-

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from tuberculosis other than that of the lungs, 2 deaths

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tube, are well known ; but that these symptoms without pain, with exces-

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one promising method of getting relief, and that is

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