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Therapy Between Attacks. — The most efficacious drugs to be ad-
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may be added before each inhalation. The effect of the inhalation
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Hospital is constructed in the form of a square, with all the
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vary in intensity, be deep-seated or superficial, and accompanied
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was as follows: To 10 c.c. of the extract was added an equal volume
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with henbane and camphor, and afterwards with various combina-
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before going to bed. If the patient is much run down, showing emacia-
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and centrifuged. One tube is connected with the part of the apparatus
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always be found with doses of o.oi gm. within five to seven days.
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BE, 1:90; organism Sanfelice, 1:5. The specific serum for the organism of Huy
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pipe giving chloroform to an old gentleman, who is sitting bolt
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power of normal sera and of "Spaniard" immune sera was almost
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a two-hours' feed and again in a three-hours' feed. A five-hours'
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but less marked diminution of resistance to infection by the colon
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ture, less change of temperature during the year, dryness of the air with
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ment. Symptoms of intoxication arise less often with the organic prepa-

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