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cells in all stages of formation, with granule cells here and there embedded in masses

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Charles W. Crumpton, Madison, speak on “Today’s

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Of its efficacy in small-pox, I can speak but imperfectly,

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on treatment — written, needless to say, from a conservative

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In discussing these possibilities, it must be conceded that the only explanation

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Laboratories Serving Wisconsin : Beloit, Eau Claire, La Crosse,

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His health began to fail about a year ago but despite the

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fly, they feel the migratory instinct and go from place to place,

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Brown, who gave twenty thousand dollars, and Mrs. Frank Ely, who con-

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work is designed specially for the profession, but is perused with

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complaints of a feeling of severe cold, when, to the hands of by-

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This led to the curious belief, which had strong credit

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These effects of insect bites the author himself experienced.

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(Plate V. Fig. 7). One of the cusps is transformed into a calcified

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