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efficient in checking the discharge in gonorrhea. Three grains to the

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punctate depression is found in many papules, but not in all ; it is in

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points of injection, thereby excluding the possibility

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plaster to the wrist, and commenced the use of electricity, increas-

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Surgery shared the advance made by the Eenaissance, especially

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the cases reported to-night were congenital. In Case I.

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fact, reveals itself anatomically by the return of the cells to the embryonic

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still of the opinion that inherited syphilis is a very

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to determine whether it is benign or malignant. If the signs as above

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the 22 affected descendants of the original case, there were 1 1 males and

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of gymnastics and their duration, and must gradually

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square, and drop in at the French charcutier's and provide your-

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temperature dropped to 99° F., with a corresponding

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cancer by the vaginal smear. New York 1943, Common-

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equal in dignity to staff physicians, who have turned out

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life. There are generally apoplectic attacks, very frequently re-

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had a great deal of cough, but swallowed the expectoration ; the pulse

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perished by this malady in four years, he could not discover a single oil-

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with the occiput opposite the right sacro-iliac synchondrosis and is

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the properties and composition of the urine, only so far,

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joints, and extending almost to the knees; no pain when the patient remains immobile.

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and pain was found over the left side of the chest and over

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proper pessary inserted. The latter should be worn for at least

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deemed safer to use no infusion over twenty-four hours old.

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of organic pollution in the water. It comes from minute organisms,

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inquire whether your editorial condemning the purchase and sale of cases

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definite sebaceous flux; but Hebra, adopting the anatomical views of

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more does the element of monstrosity predominate, and the

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tion seemed scarcely less frequent than direct trans-

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without the pus-corpuscles and epithelia, but never half-

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thing can be more illogical than to deny that the modifications of

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city, which a man with better antecedents would have refused, but

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June 25th. — ^[arked improvement ; mind more tran-

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2. Coller, F. A., and Ransom, H. K. : Carcinoma of the rectum.

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the etiology, and sometimes more than one of these.

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nia in slight ey;cess to the aqueous solution of this sulphate,

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physician, who in his turn is discouraged from all effort in

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of the deep fascia or the muscle. And if you now squeeze on

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