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ococcus aureus. Animals challenged with these organisms had been previously immu-

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which it was used, not the least injury resulted in a single case. (BonMm

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a reddish powder, is inodorous, but of a slight peculiar smell in decoction,

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have compounded with them, and converted the food into

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Treatment of Acuie Poisoning. There is no antidote to opium which

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■0l>JMSw t^ dose is ooe or tw<> !iiii4raduD&

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exercise. The trainer takes his man to an open, and, if

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the most equable in its heat. It is the substance which best

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vere forms of colic, in tetanus, eta; yet it has been employed, with sup-

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spine is not morbidly crooked. All the girls in the mills

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tion that our studies were restricted to aerobic organisms.

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erally appearing during life, but sometimes not until after death. Thel

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while Dr. Pcreira once administered sixteen grains to Chabert, famous

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\ flohible in ether, cliloroform. and the fixed and volatile oils. In the

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BMich was dtte to the acetate, and how mudi to the opium mnafij

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functions, including of course that of the heart, through the over-stimu-

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Oil of Amber (Oleum Succini, U. S.)r in its impare commercial

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•j- To Je v|/U<v^0v (T7ra,<rf£ovc, rEravouf, f^.iXatr//.ev( xai gtyicc 7tvgiTuSiec. To

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mucous membrane of the throat or windpipe. There is one

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frequently do we see diseases, essentially local, rendered much

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dust and ashes of the daily routine. A man may and how he

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sidered as the result of the direct and characteristic action of the medicine.

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added. Madeira has rather less than half the proportion of alcohol con-

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memory, near the scene of his disinterested labours

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I then through the connecting material to the point of origin. But, as tb^

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hepatic congestion, and general heat and dryncfis of the surface. Along"!

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observation. All private practice was relinquished,

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withhold his hand, or diminish the force of the instrument, when the \ij^

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globe, and the surface of the bulb of the thermometer being

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the other exercises, but yet to have an influence on the body

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ish colour, and an acidulous somewhat saline taste, and is wholly soluble J

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L metal lie, peculiar, extremely disagreeable, and adhesive taste. Wal

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an ounce of the bruised or coarsely powdered root and a pint of water.

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advantage might be taken of this property in obviating the pain of sur-

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(iy *HyvLmJL to its merits The drsmnstaace rhat it <*hAnges the (^hwr-

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disorder, and may be found useful in some cases of neuralgia, and hemi-

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stomach ; and after the layer has formed, it passes the py-

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by distillation from cloves, is occasionally employed either alone, in the

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