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L.R..C.Pi3i;S.Ed., the surgeon to the ship, lost big life. He

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twenty-one days before each meeting— namely, March 30th,

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upon the number of the coloured corpuscles, that two days

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some of the objections urged against the former proposal

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couple of days by reason of his sickness, and will then be-

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were noted : (a) There was no hemorrhage from tlie nose or

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sions, contained no albumen, or only a trace. He has had various

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and in Malta Harbour when they have to be secured " head and stern "

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brought under his notice to obtain its immediate correction. Of the HO

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Ranvier's experiment of retroperitoneal ligature of the vena

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been a source of anxiety to the sanitary authorities. Five

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'The third lecture of this series appeared in the Ebitish Medical

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nital, can be discovered before a man is taken on, whereas the

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Ventnor, and Dr. Simpson of Mauchester, that some hygienic precau-

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Street, 4 p.m.— Mr. J. H. Morgan : Tracheotomy. Central

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aphonia of four years' duration, rapidly cured. Pruritus

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acquire property which could be made suitable for holding

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of our Committee, but its abolition at the present time would

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WASB O. BoDSFiELD, L.R.C.P.Lond. Second Edition. Lon-

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undeformed foot was done by the removal of the astragalus.

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houses ; and we are glad to know that the Hertford Board of Guardians

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obtain a, European qunlifi.-ation, and men enter the Indian Medical

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ciably lower since the Hope Hospital has been able to give a greater cubic

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Under this treatment ophthalmia neonatorum became less

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chloroform nearer and removing it further tried for a number

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they pass, because I am unable to prolong these experiments,

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title of "The Revival of Witchcraft," an article by Mr.

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tain at Rothbury, at his beautiful country liouse. It is ex-

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those of which, from the chemical standpoint, we know least.

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the State authority to carry it on, as the practice of medicine

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of the accused being insane. The practice is a modern

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Hotel de Ville is to be drawn up by a special committee.

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and pericardial arteries, when the pulmonary artery was

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Michie showed the following: Two Ovarian Tumours with

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Sib, — As a copy of this Bill has lately been forwarded to me

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In the third place, there are "ratepayers' representatives,"

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1 034 from England, 1,113 from Scotland, and l,23,s from Ireland. Com-

The Gay Married Men's Association of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area