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data not included in this report indicate that while the per cent of

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doubt, depended on chemical changes, by which the metal has been oxi-

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The quantity in which camphor is capable of producing poisonous I

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bowels is often great, though not equal to that from opium, the i^ame

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to the influence of other debilitating causes. On any occasion of obsti-

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on exposure to the air. It resembles quinia in its chemical rclatiooa

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is a remedy. It is said to have been used successfully in tsenia.

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sary for cleanliness. Ignorance and avarice have even oppos-

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From Raspail's Organic Chemistry, Translated by Henderson.

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basic acid. (See U. & Dispensalori/.} The salt is In scales of a greeinl

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proved by the trials made with it by Dr. J. S. Dorsey Cullen, in the

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[iion. I have no doubt that it may act beneficially, but not precisely i

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' Let us not, therefore,' he says, ' go hurr^-ing about

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and of producing all the peculiar effects of the medicine upon the blood,

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affinity which the several cerebral stimulants may have for particular

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The cacerimg of sorfiMses, so as to protect them against irritating suh-

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animals are first acclimatized to cold and then challenged, results are changed in the

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cal methods of determination. He did not consider the possi-

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mental evidence for this has not been clear. To the authors' know-

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Insanity often presents conditions in which this influence of opium is

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the see-sawing between heat, cold, dryness, and moisture, is

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able sources. Objection, however, was afterwards made to it, on the

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