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process must be repeated at intervals. It has the disadvantage of also
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dated his ill-health from January, when he first noticed that
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sity of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago. He is
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of a man's ability to walk while he is asleep furnishes conclusive
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[Gr. avr«i{- tonsil.] Inflammation of the tonsils.
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Vaccines. Sterile containers were furnished to patients with
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heart. You know what they are; valvular injury, hyper-
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eases which the human family is heir to, and which has
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gence " learn to do their work better? For example,
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of course occur in which neither would seem deserving of blame.
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perature, thirst, mental apathy, spasm, unchanged expired air, defective
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an injection of 0.4 mg., heated to 75° C. for five minutes, into a guinea-pig
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