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arrived there covered with sweat, greatly depressed, and looking con-

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found in the spleen, which was of very large size. The kidneys were

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where the different portions of the harness exercise pressure and

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small tarsal bones, and there produces an ossifying periostitis, accom-

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regarding tumours in animals from the reports made by the professors of clinical medicine


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You will recall the stages — free incision of the scrotum and

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hours, and others showing no uri-emic symptoms while the urine was all

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of the Association, that all which still remain unpaid, should be paid

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Council. That for this purpose the word ' twelve' in Law iv be

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four o'clock instead of nine in the morning — this exposure to heat

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acetabulum is ossified from a single centre, and forms the ihum; the

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Summarising the facts noted after inoculating members of the

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stances, bromide and iodide of potassium or sodium may be given to

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wound in the vein. The animal discharged from the left nostril. It

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On Thursday last a horse, which had suffered from cohc for nearly

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case where Gritti's operation was performed ; the stump was excellent,

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and he was only '* medical " in an incidental and illus-

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History. — To improve the animal's condition it had been recently

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tumour existing at or near the pylorus led to the formation of a dia-

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infiltrated with liquid which escapes from the cut surfaces, and

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and here the mattter ended. It gave, however, an opportunity — ine-

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be in favour of opposing it. The latter course has been decided upon

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to be of any service. He left the Infirmary to obtain the consent of his

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larger in size. I will give a summary of the clinical history of this

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joints of this hand was opened ; the head of the metacarpal bone was

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at the outer end : the clavicle is long, and at its outer end is con-

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The oldest one soon died. The post-mortem examination, made at

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In other cases the development of the growth had led to formation

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History. — Two years before the animal had suffered from " chaff in

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tained. It should be mentioned that no ergot was administered during

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signed, sympathising with Dr. Duncan; and a petition has been pre-

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The differences revealed on comparing these clinical and anatomo-

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I had full confidence in as being tbe instrument of my redemption. Physicians,

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necrotic, and contained a cavity filled with caseous pus ; the lower

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Note. — Though the normal period of oestrum in the mare does not

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compare the two inguinal regions, and in proportion as pain persists

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day. The symptoms were those common to all wasting diseases : the

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1. Love, fear, and reverence the God of nations, and keep his commandments.

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Acute N'cphritis. — The articles on this disease in both books are good ;

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