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and the treatment of infectious myelitis are dependent upon the

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safely administered in advanced pregnancy. It is the

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Cn the Action of Ipecacuanha. In a communication made

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the obliquity of the facets and the change in shape

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Department of Surgery UHSM. The second is by former

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congestion or erythema of the skin. This congestion

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believers present offerings I am the lord and protector of sick beings. I

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The next greatest mortality is in the months of January and

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cap.. The work has been frequently reprinted and is in Migne Patrologia

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it is crushed into innumerable fragments by the blades of the forceps

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friends noted a gradually increasing tendency to sleep

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sodium hydroxide and then allowed to stand for seventy two hours.

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is wholly insufficient for even maintaining health at all. If school

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This seems severe for the patient but is of great value to

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Pericarditis as a complication adds greatly to the gravity and the danger

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The meeting then adjourned until the second Wednesday in January

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of secretion with blocking of the finer channels or reversed circulation

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the primary disease which involved the peripheric sensitive nerves.

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CV in confidence to Ali Walters Fischer Mangold PO Box

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In the Guzzerat fever described by Gibson of the Bombay medical depart

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It is a question of preparing a veritable Code of Health

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which prevent our arteries and heart from fulfilling their duties

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denominated chlorides of soda lime etc. with remarks on

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obesity which showed that even in very marked grades of obesity

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fixed in a body like heat as is shown in the Bologna

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tion of melanomatous foci with minimal risk of further dissemination.

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mal metabolism of dextrose in the diabetic condition. Which one of

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