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she will doubtless do honor in the future. New York reminiscences

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broncho -pneumonia is due to the inhalation of foreign bodies of any con-

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of the lung is distended, dark red, heavy, and dense. On section there

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toms are those of a typhoid fever compressed into a few days, perhaps

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two hundred and eight died, giving a mortality of about twenty-four per

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for an interval of fifteen to thirty or more seconds, when the breathing

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phine with atropine may be required, but their use is attended with dan-

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of white matter between the lateral pyramidal tract

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is almost always accompanied by double vision and giddiness. The con-

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destroyed by the myelitis, yet enough have been left to carry on the

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ness. Facial paralysis, with opposing conjugate deviation of the eyes,

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and coherent, fibrillated casts resembling those of fibrinous hepatization,

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either as crusts, pustules, or ulcers, which in hemorrhagic cases are infil-

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liquid exudation is present. Fluctuation may then be found, especially

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are those of a slowly progressing fibrous nephritis ; slight attacks of dys-

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almost always absent. If the abscess breaks into the renal pelvis, pus

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lymphatics and blood-vessels, or be evacuated through the skin either

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urine which has been set aside and exposed to the same circumstances

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varicelliform syphilides, and certain other skin affections occasionally

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large, refractive, crescentic, ovoid, and round bodies, with central clumps

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character and produces persistent discomfort. If sharply localized and

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exceptional instances the morbid changes may extend into the lower

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origin and progress of these diseases. The frequent association of cystitis

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the brain and its membrane, and not rarely there is an occlusive menin-

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