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the beginning of the disease often are of turn to his official duties. — Wien. Med.
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comyces equi. Rabe proposed the name Micrococcus botryogenes
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2. Burke. Surra, pernicious anaemia in the lower animals. Vet.
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tion grayish, circumscribed areas one-half an inch in diameter inter-
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and inflamed and covered with a fibrinous exudate. The
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latmg slightly after eight months. The 2. It is usually primary in the kidney,
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On Quinine and Alcohol in Paralytic Fever. By C. Binz, M.D. . . ^
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pupil suggest an antagonism at other points in the range of their
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ployed. He has seen very good results from infusion of
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seemed, at first view, to be very extensive ; but upon further inspec-
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He states that this trouble can be prevented if the person
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Granular fatty changes ma}' also be present. An important
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Brandy diluted with only an equal quantity of water is the
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tion of solids in the urine ; this is true even the nervousness claimed to be due to weak
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the deep cleft which had existed there. The patient was now
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conditions alluded to — it is more diffused throughout the whole
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them into their primitive forms, and extracting them entire from the
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galvanism from twenty-five cells to be applied : after this she
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Penetrates deeply into the tissues, as it does not coagulate albumin.
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may contain but little air. There may be areas of collapse or
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Doctor told me my case was a beautiful one for the treatment. I admired
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os externum and internum and the cavity of the cervix, andapj
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spmts, but rather the reverse, at any rate in the acute stages.
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vantage. The pilules de Blancard are much relied upon by
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vascular tuft of granulation appears, this becomes glazed and in
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&c., morphine to be £iven if purgative acts too strongly. 4th visit —
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by the interstitial lung tissue and pleurae being but slightly
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families which I have examined I should with uncinariasis as it exists to-day, these
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shores of the Mediterranean ; and it takes quite the old ground
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Antiphlogistine be applied warm and thick and covered

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