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Eczema was reported fourteen times, insanity thirteen times, feeble-
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fourth J oz. There was no albumin and no casts 18 hours
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Chairman of the State Board of Censors, attended the five day session in Dallas representing the Medical Association of the
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penetrated the skull during an operation on the ear, and
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14 Loewi, O., Ueber das Harnstoffbildende Ferment der Leber, Zeit. f. physiol.
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that if we are ordinarily successful we shall relieve her
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days, add the other ingredients, decant and filter.
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the relative value of drugs. Efficacy, not expense, should be regarded.
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themselves in the language with which they are most familiar.
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to mere enfeeblement of the heart's action. As regards the condition
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etc. They are usually applied hot. They are merely a means of
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sometimes capriciously fugitive, shifting for no assignable reason from one
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stroma. (12) Glandular hypertrophy. (13) Changes in the
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treated with irritants ; for the base will then be-
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rhage dependent on obstruction to the portal system ; in this case these
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7. The fibers of the posterior roots probably reach the
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currence of characteristic sequels, viz., albuminuria and anasarca, in per-

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