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organizations that are participating in the problems of
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number of other communities are considering fund cam-
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In closing, I would like to state merely that there
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nective tissue, and in the remaining nine it was merely called a ** strand
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pl,.,s|.!M Mild ^^llol.■ 111 1 sli.iu Ihr i ii-'na-.' of l.'.'ltliiii 1. 1 Im' niiii'li nior.'
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series of experiments, concluded that ''in spite of ttie most careful
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or to understand orders given them; (2) they must know for what purpose they are
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directora The directors and managers employ, on the advice of the local repre-
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The object of the experiments briefly reported here was to ascertain
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t,' tl. |.viiui.- ;iiiil \>:v^<- i\'"'. Nn. I i |ii.iti.iiiv > . I!y cii/viiii.- aclii.n ]iyiiivi.'
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in a small drop of medium spread in a very thin layer over the surface
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Cases occurring in the District of Columbia come directly under the
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and otherwise sound, wholesome, healthful, and fit for human food, they will be marked
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towels; such rooms must be properly ventilated and lighted and be
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to which only physicians shall be eligible who have been
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Montgomery 5 S. J. Byland .Wellsville B. J. T. Andersen Montgomery City
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to tlif lifaiii is raiM.l l>y placinir tin' caicli'l artfiics on some lieatin^ <le-
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peritoneum show a similar change, especially over several loops of the
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selves aroinid these masses as in the thymid uland. The enllnid, h«\
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Kmhi\ol..uicall\- th.' inedulki is devi^loped frmii the same neiirohla.stie
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eells nil llie 111 llseuhlt 11 1'c of the various si lllct 1| l-'s a r- .I.Mlnpi-ij
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Fig. 5. Case 2. Multiple calcified postinfiammatory foci ob-
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stalls, silo, and space for wagons aud farm machinery 29(5
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.,.,„. „,,,„,...,MliuM Ml ilir mKiiiIimi,. .ails.. I h •li.nMiiU Hi-' I'n--' "'' ^i
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pure culture from these organs as well as from the blood a bac-
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j)ose of reeeiviiiir stinuili dependent ujion the activities of the organism
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till' Imily iliiiiii': t'l'vcr, ilms imt at all pinvt' that this I'i'Mt is nf si'_'
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It has been acknowledged in all countries haying a rigid system of meat inspection
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in the chronic stage does not differ materially from
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purpose of scratchinir the area ..f >kiii that has been stimulated. If the
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1. Yaskin. J. C.: Nervous Symptoms as Earliest Manifesta-
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resolution be referred by the Speaker of the House to
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tliiiii in llif iiriiH'. the i'x<Tc1(iry I'm-tur is piiillv iMintnillnl, iiml it I'iin
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Miller 5 G. D. Walker Eldon .Carl T. Buehler, Jr Eldon
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polypi of the large bowel constitute precancerous le-
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mucosa is pale and presents no ulceration. The appendix appears normaL
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was withheld. After a study of 200 hearts from rats, cats, dogs, oxen,
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