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Chronic Alcoholism. — Since alcohol is physiologically a poison, and

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Differential Diagnosis. — Locomotor ataxia appears later in life, and the

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a hot bath may be given, and perhaps aided by the hypodermic injec-

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or paralysis. The muscles of the affected parts waste, and qualitative

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neously ; it is not certain that the treatment is of any use.

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presence of hysteric stigmata in the latter and the increase in the muscular

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the normal blood-stream from the ventricle to the aorta is greatly in-

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morning it may be found to have disappeared during the night's rest

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broken compensation has been and is still scarcely appreciated by the

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influence of phosphates. This condition is found in cases in which the

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amination several hours after the last meal has been taken.

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The constitutional features are quite pronounced, and particularly

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days to many years. I have usually found that cases associated with

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decreasing capacity for Avork. and evidences of severe pyelitis, pyelo-

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together with the use of ergot hypodermically, will usually suflBce. For

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treatment. Locally, cold compresses and fomentations are useful. Inter-

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of epileptiform convulsions and enuresis nocturtia. Thousands of ova

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PRACTICE OF MEDICINE. By George Roe Lockwood, M.D., Professor of

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may be spasticity. INIental phenomena generally develop later.

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occurred in the first decade, 8 in the second, and 4 in the third,

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psychic — be so regulated as to bring about an improvement in the gen-

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the normal blood-constituents, serum-albumin and serum-globulin, from

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over-filled venous system. There are two ways of attaining this end :

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diaphragm. The condition is described under the heading Acute Peri-

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tient, and forms a characteristic feature of the disease. This symptom

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mended. Among the drugs that have been suggested are salicylic acid,

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and simple enlargement ; also between the former and movable kidney.

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This is produced by the rupture of the air-cells, the air contained in

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Auscultation. — Acute endocarditis is usually attended with a soft

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kinesthetic) sensation, felt by the patient as vague discomforts and

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nal pain, which shows a tendency to radiation, forms, with vomiting, and

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contents of the stomach are not infre(iuently regurgitated, causing

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not occur. Occasionally there is fibrillary twitching. The mechanic

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of a variable period — usually one to three weeks — the temperature falls

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A fibrous band may be so arranged as to form a snare through Avhich a

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are secondary to excessive chronic passive congestion or to hemophilic or

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Htiology. — This is commonly met with in hysteric, neurasthenic,

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