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(1) Description. Concentrated whole milk is Grade A whole milk from which
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The second important symptom of hemophilia has been already referred
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pursue some special branch of Natural Histoiy while attending the-
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The Francis A. Hardy Fellowship in Surgery and Assistant House Surgeonship in
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medicine and surgery together, in which case the recipient is both
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the patient smiles involuntarily. A patient will sometimes try in vain to
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a fresher flavor is Dttalned, and the body of the -tik is better, when it is used. The
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reverse change is also said to occur. We ourselves have never seen such a
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Sw H;4nl . ^ detected In the laboratory by pasteurizing the sample and
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be examined in the first two books of Xenophon's Anabasis, or, if they
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report on the reanlta of the examination to a committee, oonaiating of them-
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Embrocations with spirits and with similar substances must often be pre-
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dissection. Student pensioners will receive from the Director the sum
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i-c ship<,«,£ 0^ ?t nit be accepted a? d??t?niJ?n^'?JM" r«««'^"t.s .Mt|ST acc«npany
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medical use of atoxyl and similar arsenic preparations. (1) Acute arsenical
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body. By them the whole body or the affected part is put into violent motion,
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2. Symptoms of Motor Irritation. — Symptoms of motor irritation of
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tachycardia, etc.), while even small doses of the gland may aggravate the
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As long as the anaemia and its consequences do not become pronounced, the
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conferred for one year; they can be continued on the advice of
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by the Final Examining Committee ; if found efficient they will receiye
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given of a sufficient general and medioal education and the candidate luuh
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Complete? the following items on individual egg quality:
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brain and may be seen protruding from the surface, which often has a dis-
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On physical examination we notice, first, certain disturbances of sensibil-
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Treatment. — The general regimen to be prescribed is similar to that di-
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>Jl^ FItT: Tf 63€Z, Dogs of the Air Force, Pe'rc
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Dr. Agnes McLaren (M.D. Montpelier), 3, Walker-street, Edinburgh.
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if the reflex immobility of the pupils be one, the diagnosis is also practically
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1. What type of organism Is responsible for coccldiosis?
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Hydrotherapeutics of a mild kind do good, and can easily be carried out in
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-b. ntvjfl tuMiMkU lii«H«ctlim ieetaMfita, r«f*m«M end fftawianlii mid Mspie* of
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loss of the turd with the ^y. The curd Is ustwlly washed in three stepK
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ber of a team responsible for the care of patients and for the investigation of disease. In
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LJ'iJ^J^^^L^ r«P<m|ibnnies of ^ ifeteHfiary Service in rttUti^ to ^Mrmaent
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or in single twitchings in this or that muscular territory ; they sometimes affect
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trivial character of the depression will usually make the diagnosis possible.
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disseminata. — The whole picture of transverse myelitis in its different forms
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M. sac lue part of the esopnagus which serves as ^ storetwuse for food.
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(2) The nuifiufactu ring process Is Easier to contr3l;
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