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independent empire, and the health officer thereof is
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without, expansion will be effected with less muscular effort.
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Diagnosis. — This has rarely been made during life. When, even at
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merits the greater attention. For example, because hysteria may
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Parvin, on account of his removal to Philadelphia, has
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When symptoms of threatened abortion occur the woman should, of
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looked for in 90 per cent, of mild cases, and in at least 70 per cent, of
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not spent exclusively in the lecture-rooms, hospitals
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peculiarly strange and sepulchral. As the patient gets
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Malarial infection was reported to have been the cause of
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Management. Medical Education Collaborative at Maui, Hawaii.
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symptoms progressed until it was quite evident that to relieve
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fistulous opening in the lower jaw, from which flowed a large
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The name of Maisch in the department of materia medica carries with
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Another cuvy. hound toith: Hippocrates. 'lu-jroxparovs
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stance which consists of three different kinds of cells, namely,
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Kocher thinks the lymphocyte increase is proportional to the severity of the
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the axilla ; several tumors the size of walnuts and
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kitchen or parlor. Where the houses are close together the chimneys
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the parts. In addition, it establishes the fact that by administering a
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In the inflammation of membranes, again, the pleura, the
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in bacteriology are as feverish as were the prospectors
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after the latter period, know something of a disease which approximates
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4. The fourth type is merely an exaggerated condition of the third;
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fingers, thumb, and wrist. Almost simultaneously with the thumb
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have heretofore been, and are now, as healthy as any places of their
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this Fund was changed to " Nathan Lewis Hatfield Prize and Lectureship."
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It is hardly necessary to say that the above description applies only to
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man in the Medical Society of ISTorth Carolina that is fool enough to
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and continued, in a single, or a set of nerves, and other phases of nervous
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vulsions, but in the intervals i'elt quiet and easy and perspired
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quite as frequently depends upon a diminished solution of the mucus in conse-
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elucidate the toxicology of bronchitis. We can only
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plained when they are first introduced in the text. Abbreviations have been
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have perpetuated the memory of the deep disgrace that has fallen upon us and
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Botanic Medicines, Syringes, Druggist's Glass Ware, Essential
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to the neighbouring towns ; demonstrated for most of them that
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gert method, has rather a reddish tinge, and its nu-
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proteins in horse dandruff and the hair of cats also relieve the attacks.
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undeveloped and small. In older cases, where the weight of the body
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more advanced cases there is a prominence of the ster-
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the patient to trace a likely source of infection. This is, if present,

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