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Neuroses of Sensation. Loss of appetite, anorexia, acoria (loss of

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the signs of consolidation, the considerable daily differences in tempera-

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tation. The interstitial tissue is frequently swollen and opaque from the

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with all the excretions, and is abundantly given off during the stage of

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antitoxin. It is affirmed that rabbits can be immunized against the pneu-

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of which it clings by its hooklets, and may remain alive for several days

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other form of cold may be applied locally. If the case be severe, extract

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change without appreciable cause, so that the patient to-day has mania,

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Tuberculosis of the joints may result from the entrance of bacilli into

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ous conducting fibres, contains ganglionic cells whose

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tent cooling by occasional immersion in cool water is often the best that

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Strictures of the oesophagus are of either inflammatory or malignant

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