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lions of men's lives are wasted ainuiaily by neglect, error, or igno-
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recover." Dr. G. A. Moses, Mobile, Ala., in an interesting
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preparation of this extra?.t, and a class included under this heiul :
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was brought out at the lower angle of the wound. This
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was then removed separately. Pus exuded freely from the
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patient in various ways. Where the natural tendency is td relaxa-
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improvement which could be attributed to the treatment.
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with the prospect of prolonging life fo*" several months, at least,
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or 0.1 gram per litre. Massage is to be avoided, be-
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side. A course of injections was given between December
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should obtain a copy of the lav; from the Secretary
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I was sent for in hot haste by his wife, her letter stating
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public health had been developed and applied widely
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worms." The adult is a small, bluish green fly, with a
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This extract is of a dark colour, when seen in large bulk, but m
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usually thrown, by the use of either side-lines or hob-
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In the early stages, soon after the injury and while
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A very useful nutans of dilating strictures of different parts, is
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brought before them in the paper were high-water mark
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'hen the large experience gained in warfare, was speedily brought
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vocal cords moved freely, and the voice was unaffected.
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position, or from struggling, are often important. In
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properties. The results of some experiments in this connection are
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best. The coarser embroidery silks are good, but braided
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stances ; accumulation of mucus in the inner corner
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some cases by a single layer, in others by several layers, of
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torium treatment under climatic conditions or the home
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in the mouth of cattle, with salt on back of tongue, is
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ment is given in doses varying with the general vital-
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of the ovarian vessels. I accordingly came to the conclu-
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left side of the abdomen, and the lesser curvature in its
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seconds, both to the left and right side. The tuning fork was
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the smallest chance of a permanently successful issue. I have
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general practitioners and internists for years with-
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quent urination ; loss of weight and strength ; gen-

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