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Presse Medicale. suspicion of kidney disease and dilation of the
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as from displacement of the uterus. This is more commonly found
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ligature deservedly stands first. The common direction is to draw
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symptom in 8% to 14% of cancer patients. The median
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ing dead matter into the wound, such as coagulated blood.
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two strange serpents entertangled in their amorous congresse, the lesser creeping with
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and spirits ; some beer and an infusion of orange-leaves were given as drinks.
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tis tleformans; Resectio coxa;: Heilung. [In his: Ein
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tilled water of our laboratories. Why Ryder says that "At the post mortem ex-
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skin and fascia been less than four inches in length,
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are not q^shamed to own, that if we had not been firmly con-
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surgical procedures, and I fainted on three separate
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and were there also on the seventh day, but had migrated
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the heart through a wasting disease. This remedy in
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are affected late in the course of the disease, after other symptoms charac-
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the State analyst, Dr. W. G. Tucker, made a rei)ort upon the
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In the fore part of this chapter we referred to a few
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or thickness of speech, or a hesitation in the middle of a sentence, or
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thickened, and partly cartilaginous ; the left portion
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Now that the Congress of Hygiene is over, people are
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tions, he says, always recommend the linea alba as the
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or four injections into the ear vein of the rabbit, spaced at intervals
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Patients are seen iu regimental hospitals lyingontheir backs for months
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along the course of the affected muscle, but without
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trial lasted ten weeks, the period needed to ensure a steady-
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Mr. Baker Brown : Mr. President and Gentlemen, — I am
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through the part, relieves the pressure and stops the pain.

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