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dation has the significance it possesses at present, a divis-

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oval, and each one is embedded in a round gelatinous

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casion complete disability or loss of function, unless in-

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been suggested that transudatory fibres would be a better

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It was at one time considered doubtful whether sewage

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ing of the skin need be incurred. As a rule, efficient dos-

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when the mucous lining of the bowel is in an irritable

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The hair and nails are affected in hereditary as in ac-

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amelioration of the worst symptoms, should, in our esti-

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may be used for anaemia. Patients should guard them-

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by Bacon, are as worthless as they are foolish. We do

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potence, hypochondria, insomnia, neuralgia, cold ex-

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consists of a set of nerve-cells and their outgoing fibres,

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may also appear in any organic disease of the brain (tu-

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the gland is first allowed to remain in the air, in a warm

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those of the inner zone ; they are very fine and stain

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With regard to the histological changes in the gastric

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tically, impregnation of the system with silver tends to

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crop. Sometimes it is desirable to allow three or four

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angular space in the posterior part of lateral column,

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ley has proved that during the latter half or two-thirds

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this neck. It cuts the axis of the shaft at an angle of

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