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It is not yet twelve months since the death of the unfortunate Mrs.

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ion, and their deliberations as citizens of ISTorth Carolina, as medical

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patients had been covered with the lupus for many years.

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sickness. Bardny calls attention to the fact that a ship at sea tosses

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and 8 pounds of skim milk at the beginning, which was changed to

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sin) Times-Press, when he addressed the second annual

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as possible to the root of the limb. The good results obtained

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In case of "water in the head" (Hydrocephalus), the feet

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" brutal and arbitrary " action of the Local Government

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from any tubercular development. Another reason which has been

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Highsmith, W. C, Fayetteville; Univ. of Cincinnati, 1931;

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do not eat pickles nor very sour fruits, which are apt to give the baby

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gauze sponges, the appendix was carefully freed from its mesentery and

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anesthetic all these inconveniences are avoided, and that we can save time

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difficulty, give the best emulsions when only very feebly acidi-

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References should be cited in numerical order in the text and arranged

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formity resulted which, according to his experience, no appliance

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ness, and paleness, and sometimes by slight convulsive

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Victor C. Myers presented this communication in which

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life we know little. He emigrated to this country at the

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of Lyons, M. Poucet showed recently a foetus aborted by

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adelphia. May 1, 1872: Whereas^ cases of accidental poison-

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by Andral, asthenic hyperasmia. (Andral, ' Anat. Pathol.' t. 1, p. 40.)

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