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man, Avho occupied the prominent position of President of the

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bed as possible. When lying in bed he could not move his limbs,

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disease of the brain is supposed to be reasonable, intelli-

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lying which have been especially well formulated by Jiirgensen. With

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Colonies on gelatin. — Similar to those on agar; medium not liquefied.

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teenth day he died, after having refused all food for a week.

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distinguish it from the ordinary septic tank we have called it a

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tion. As yet, we know nothing very definite in regard to its action.

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dangerous — (1st), Because the soft textures are divided further

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50° C. for 45 minutes. The experiment shown by Table 10 illus-

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ures of anaphylactic shock are introduced, such as the fall of

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shaped ice-bag to both kidneys for 2-3 hours, with an intermission of 1

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greater power in as many hours. It results, then, that a person dies slowly asphyxiated by

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was moved by Dr Parkes, seconded by Mr Hawkins, and agreed to : — " That

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with the hypodermic syringe into the vein. The time of the in-

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constipation, or symptoms of a congested, enlarged liver, we choose

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of the treatment in order to exclude the effect of bodily activity on the

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2. General results of trickling filtration. — All four filter units were

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by contiguity of the inflammation in the womb. Out of eighteen cases

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talis ; others consider it dangerous. The author believes that it should be

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portion of it remained in the crural orifice, and that the space had

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The mere wincing of an animal under the knife so little requires

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delicacy of the methylene blue reaction is well shown here. Analyti-

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(3 oz.) make a good combination. One teaspoonful of this mixture in

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scribed exactly as is the tincture of krameria, 20-30 drops a day.

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in that cultivation was not attempted. He states, however, in

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which is thereby inaugurated, the possibility of oxidation of some of the

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Diuretin. — Theobromin, closely related to caffein, may be ranked

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former constant hemorrhages {e.g., from hemorrhoids) have permanently

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is useful to combat. We have satisfied ourselves that the hot-

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proposal to form a " Regnum Protisticum," or third kingdom of

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gr.) a day, but without affecting the progress of the disease as such.

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danger of intoxication. It is, to repeat, as good as arsenic, but no better,

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had removed from a lady aged 7G. The tumour had been noticed

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limbs to have been complete. How did the poison enter? It must

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