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the bath. This is an increase of labor and trouble without adequate

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.Vnother interest of my creed is that well and timely presented

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headboard and footboard may be dispensed with in metal beds. Four

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five tablespoonfuls. If oil is used, make up the deficiency by

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has been separated, and this when injected into the body of an

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tailed system of treatment in these cases which we consider of

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It does not disorder digestion. It is sweeter than cane-sugar

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(the eighth and tenth of the disease), and hence, as compared with variola,

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bichloride solution or in a two per cent, formaldehyde so-

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fully cinchonized until the time for the next paroxysm is over, and then

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for thus limiting the local and general effects with the utmost nicety

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Respiratory Type. — Local catarrhal symptoms usually develop in the

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sonal experience to the good effect of antipyrin in strong

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gery. As to comforts for either students, or even the pro-

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human subject at will a micro-organism destructive, as it

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Treatment. — Prophylaxis. — The precautions to be taken by the indi-

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carrying out a strict rest and isolation cure is to have the co-oper-

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parts of the body, is shown by such symptoms as the fever ^ which rapidly

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in the foreground in experimental pancreatic diabetes, and

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owing to its depressing influence upon the heart, should not be employed.

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Aubert, Corette, and others quoted by Hayem in his " Lecons de The'ra-

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traffic under the Defence of the Realm Act, have formulated these


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or absent, as it is in rheumatism, I do not know. In the treat- •

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They contain comparatively only a little protein, and, if well

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appearance. A post-mortem rise of temperature often occurs. The tis-

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