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From a large series of determinations, numbering several hundred, we have
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gastro-enteritis. The gastro-enteric vessels present, on dissection, an
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ful, and on the 9th of the month he expired. He had very little
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brought to him for treatment were between seven and fourteen
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Neurasthenia spinalis is a functional weakness of the spinal cord; or, as
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obviate costiveness it was necessary occasionally to administer
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cent of proteins had returned to normal, and continued to rise some-
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in the late stages of syphilis show that agglutinin is especially likely
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ment, and the patient died of debility. From this it will be seen that patients
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dangerous to those about him. Kleptomania and dipsomania are said to
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Dr. Warrington mentioned a case of violent spasms, occurring
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who were subjected to the more tedious process of leeching, have
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increase in the scant colloid substance nor any formation of follicles
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Hsematoidin crystals, margarin, and cholesterin are not infrequently
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that the inhalation, after the first irritation has subsided, is easy, and
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OQs laryngitis, in which the operation of tracheotomy, performed
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absolute amounts of salvarsan in the heated serum, in three instances
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istence of any diathesis. The disease remains latent until a cut, a fall
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capsules are enlarged ; where yellow material is in excess, especially if as-
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believing that such a society would contribute to the advancement
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(d) Red corpuscles showing Schiiffner's granules but having no
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darkening of the skin, changes in the appetite, cardiac palpitation, cardi-
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a third medical school ; and with characteristic buoyancy of spi-
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Epilepsy is a })aroxysmal disease ; it usually occurs early in life and is
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On section, masses of gray, hard, well-defined, transparent sclerotic tissue
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I have seen this patient recently, aud his only troable now is excessive
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violent shudderingy and sense of dread. Her husband, who was
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presence causes violent pruritis ani. He prepares each injection
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Treatment. — Absolute rest is essential, and will sometimes alone be suffi-
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therefore, every reason to believe that before the morphine was given the content
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The method of isolated perfusion was chosen in the following
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atic view of the various causes of abortion ; and sets forth a num-
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was placed before him during his brief illness ; but he was already
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dergoes circumscribed or diffuse fatty degeneration. When this is partial
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Hemolytic System. — The anti-sheep hemolytic system was used. Complement
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ages between six and sixty years; one hundred and eleven after pre-
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burgh and East of Scotland Agric. College, July 1915.
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Their method of procedure is essentially as follows:
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placed him in a prominent position among the surgeons of the
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