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Tribe, Thorn-Apples, Nut-Fruits) ; General Remarks on the Improve-

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vous or irritable horses, but, instead, they should use

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public institutions, including the boards of health,

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except that the surface of the eyeball is not so irri-

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These, with the copious saliva and difficult deglutition, were

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whieh attend mnat be rectified by the appropriate remedies— -altera-

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gonorrhoea for which he has never received any treat-

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These constitute a small minority. But there are a number of per-

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Lariboisiere, M. Chassaignac has frequently employed injections

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mixed with water, filtered, and injected beneath the skin

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such a jump into life must mean the taking on of qualities

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of the L^nited Hospitals closed the fiscal year. Dr.

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be examined for any signs of inflammation or abnormal

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authenticity of the Mosaic law, in whose ritualism so much reminds'

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inserted into the uterus, following the placenta (which

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If medicines fail to give relief, the only remedy is to

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9ub8titule8 for a pure atmosphere. But the necessities and priva-

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to be provided for, it is difiicult to form an estimate with

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which will be first confirmed by radiography. Other

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tion is equal to or unequal to the strain of fusing

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and distressing circumstances. A little girl of ten

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