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A CONFEBENCE of the Metropolitan Medical Relief Committee

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M. S., a Mahommedan, consulted me a few days ago, and

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to the Glasgow Eye Infirmary, vice Leslie Bucliauan, M.B., CM.

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A. P. Mitchell, M.D., C. J. Coates, M.D., T. B. A.Tuckej-. F. A. Harris, T-

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authority to the Local Government Board to intervene in

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December .-.rd, and of Toolsepore on December I'.'ird, l.s.W (medal) : and

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The object of our investigation then was to determine (1)

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small-pox at Earnsley, and have been isolated at the Kendray Hospital,

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the harbour of Duisberg on the Rhine (C. Fraenkel), where

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altogether satisfactorily. 4. The necessity for the establish-

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The following case is a good example of uncomplicated

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The average Annual Expenditure for the same period has been . 8,340 18 10

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