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fugitive, and intense — and, like those of the uncompli-

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hook to hook. This mode of adjustment is defective.

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alone. The physiological enlargements of the organ,

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in them ; so that, while we are justified in believing that

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c.l, muscuio-cutaneous ; r, radial ; m, median ; w, ulnar.

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the spleen is the occasional superimposition of neighbor-

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dency is quite a common form of mental disease. I shall

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tity of gangrenous pus did so speedily. It appeared also

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closure either by the lips, by the tongue, or by the soft

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difference of opinion exists among practitioners as to the

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Arteries and Veins. — The femoral, jugular, saphena,

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attachment of the transverse rods to the vertical supports

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cinische Wochenschrifi of last year, of which the following

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of street-sewers it will be evident, on consideration, that it

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the surroundings, a stronger and steadier pulse, deeper

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plates at the cutting edge forms the lower mesial angle

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use, especially to that of the binaural instrument. In

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neuralgias. The disease is much more frequent in New

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a perineal band. They fail to recognize the efficiency of

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nails are insidiously loosened from bed and matrix, and

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ules, which receive a stain from the haematoxylin, and

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medicaments may be added to the water to meet existing

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one end, the contents of the vault are quickly burned out.

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Cor. 1874, 75, 76. Cr. 1867. C. 1882, 83. L. 1885. 16, Cave7l-

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ble, unless the expense of a water-tight vault is incurred

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poured away to cool ; the last portion of water is then

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account for it. This amblyopia was formerly known as

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over the soft palate, tonsils, posterior wall of the pharynx,

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Transverse lesions higher than this cause sudden death

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of a blessing — for inoculated small-pox lost none of its

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tour suggesting the fracture of a pane of glass. Recur-

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urethra after intercourse, and on the consideration of

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septic condition. The base of the tumor appears attached

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local peritonitis, ice-bags may be applied. Vomiting is,

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tion of spinal meningitis ; hence their insertion here.

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to calls for expert testimony, and especially in railway

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ular formation, though ulceration or loss of substance

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broken, those of Tinnivelly generally whole. The former

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even, and that the sewer is not covered in too soon, be-

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