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forty ounces of urine per diem, for each individual, there
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wells were sunk "in the most advantageous position to
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hysterical or mesmeric element, the following is quite
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medicines. The common characteristics are the posses-
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gia, convulsive seizures of the muscles of the lower
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faces of the cartilages become the seat of salient granula-
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some of the glands — the submaxillary gland, for example
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the siphon-tube or to the stomach-pump. The medical
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weeping drains were found to connect with the sewer (a
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acidity, heartburn, palpitations, and attacks of syncope,
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are often confused, but w-hich it is indispensable to dis-
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which disappears as .soon as ils external portion is large
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found upon the scalp, when they arc devoid of hair.
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prevent this, flap-valves are often placed on the mouths
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veins, divided and subdivided," and the arteries were
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prunes, baked or stewed apples, etc., furnish excellent
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digitalis every eight hours until the temperature is mark-
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Morbid Anatomy and Physiology. — The morbid changes
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which takes place, to. a greater or less extent, in all cases.
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mater before it. The internal location of the tumor was
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history of these investigations speculation took the
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Furthermore, there are often local predisposing causes of
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inner surface whitish, smooth ; fracture splintery, check-
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■distributed, and giving rise to the various inflammations
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phites, undergoing decomposition by acids less easily.
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.which are known respectively as the Pouhon, Geronst6re,
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ward evening and after the ingestion of food. In milder
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gradually increase in size ; the whole skin, as well as the
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rents, corresponding to the diminution in muscular bulk.
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and better methods of stimulation. Should the patient
the effluent drains are represented by the light lines B B,
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may class them as reflexes of the second order, or of , the-
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sero-purulent or sanious, and occasionally bloody, and
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the solitary and agminated glands. The liver may he,
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come last, they, though of stunted size, are frequently
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they grow upon gelatine, etc. The surfaces of colonies
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condition, ^^tS' ^i^d o°'y ."with the advent of pus does the
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There are few surgical conditions in which Lister's an-
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form long threads in the blood, etc., in contrast with the
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upon the teeth, yet when, the appearances described are
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by the druggist. The method of administering the iodide
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feel of variola is absent. Furthermore, there is but a
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flames and electric lights. The observation of absorp-
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nal exacerbation of the pain. Hj'drarthrosis, most com-
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crown, and at the apex of the root is reduced to .a thread.
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tients recover, with or without treatment ; but, as a rule,
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larger than those in the pia mater. In the cord they

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