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ficial scraping of the diphtheroid deposit, but should examine the serum

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tracheobronchial and hilus glands are the commonest seat of

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surface of the liver over an area of about six inches and passing back into

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The first opportunity for their use came in an operation by one

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history suggesting this, others would indicate a progressive degen-

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manifestations in the skin have not occurred early in any patient

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constitution of such compounds as the syphilitic antigen, various toxins

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the only response to plantar stimulation. This movement differed from the

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The chemistry of thrombin and of its precursor thrombogen is still

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toms, or in the general impression that the boy made upon as to

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second case, if a capsule of 4 cm. diameter was used, 56 per cent, would be

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Tokday, T. v. Masern-Schutzimpfungen mit Kekonvaleszentenserum. Ztschr.

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rable time, there is reason to fear lest the pulmonary arteries have

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to tuberculous disease of the lungs is 29.6 years. When cases of

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acids (such as lactic acid) led to the appearance of any ammonia which could

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resulted which made him walk about in a stoop-shouldered manner. He

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so escape detection. The only symptom of any value which Lutembacher

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causation. In the rest there were repeated attacks at short intervals, the

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lice, but the former hypothesis is the most probable. Gerstl has not been

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* Identification of the noxa is not certain. The father was told to bring me a

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operated upon, but the author points out that in personal communications from

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into the stricture and in many cases to follow the windings of a

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Stokes and adopted by Wilson Fox among others. They pointed

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protein reaction. This has been confirmed with other toxins. Some experi-

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force of the muscles of the abdominal wall and of the pelvic floor,

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of those injected with the bile extract alone. This demonstra-

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in the departure from the primary quadrupedal mode of locomotion.

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some a soreness of the Throat and darting pain there, reach-

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or imperfectly cleaned utensils, or too much potash solution. The

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grouping which I adopted. On the question sheet sent to the phy-

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The heart was covered by a false membrane. This was dense,

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pophysis which it is assumed makes its appearance in resj)onse to

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of the legs. Unable to work at his trade owing to pain in the feet since

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