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the upper arm, the discharge from which was copious, consisting of thin^
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of the existence of the rash on the face, and usually a history of catarrh of
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another form, for a mild, that is an early case, in which the exudation is
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and I have made, as I believe, sucb improvement in its mode of exhibi-
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himself in the cold of autumn and beginning of winter, to have proven-
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their wishes by procuring from domestic and foreign publishers an early
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the glandulce concatenatce — the posterior occipital glands, and those behind
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tissue tumours in that they rarely possess capsules, and when they do it is
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non-conductivity ; (2) the ease with which the colour of the tooth can be
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manipulatory treatment of the muscles surrounding a part upon which
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understand English, some medical man, who understood French, accom-
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ter were the germs of the greatest surgeon in America, and one of the
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•out, and the root and tooth filled. The diagnosis between acute pulpitis
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and loudly spqken to, and if the dose of opium has not been very large, he
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The action which the blood of individuals suffering from typhoid has on
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except such as, possessing baths and springs, come under the section of
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the inhabitants, by reading the stereotyped advertisements of the bone*
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the administration of stimulants in many forms of poisoning, are
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every seventh copv ifratU — Orders from a distance must be accouipaolod by payment ia advaace. «r
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the effect of climate upon phthisis. This question can be decided only
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Mabschalko. Monatsh. f. prakt. Derm. No. 7, 1900, p. 313, plate, etc. (abst. in Brit. Jour.
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In a considerable number of cases the electrical resistance of the skin
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gummatous synovitis, so far as I have seen it, may be distinguished from
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fer upwards of four years. The symptoms have been so various ad
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cies there are intermediate shades olr forms of the disease, which caniiot
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Sufficient attention will be paU[ to Practical Anatomy.
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is extinguished and the patient remains in the bath ten minutes longer to

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