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(boiled, scalded or steamed, and allowed to stand 12 hours),
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although they have been attributed to the direct influence
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takes thin gruel with a relish. Pulse 90; pain in head and back al-
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The application of Dalmatian insect powder to kittens
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extent in the dog, preponderates frequently over the effect
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Ohio State Asylum for the Education' of Idiotic and iMUF.riLR
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diaphoretic mixture were discontinued, and brandy and quinine
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short, of a purplish tint ; in the inner layer fibrous and pale
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tions in the heart, rather than its trunk. The heart is
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as visitors, always went from the main entrance and passed around
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Constituents. — Mainly scammonin (C88Hi56042), identical with
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trembling, salivation, slow pulse, rapid respiration, dilated
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two to ten weeks, until October, 1861, between which date and Feb,
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enna is an exception to the general continental rule — as a large
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sented his collection of insects, consisting of one hundred and ten
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so often had occasion to repeat respecting the duties of examining
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to get up and walk about the room. No truss was applied.
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rienced army surgeons as a great improvement on the old table, which
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cljc? boonmincr less so as we come forward. Tlioy rccoenlzo all
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Gardner, Dalton and others ; and whether we are to suppose the
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terminal, conical spikes, with a tubular, five-toothed, often
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small ; tongue dry and brown ; some thirst ; seems cheerful, and ex-
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a few months after, of an acute pulmonary affection, giving an oppor-
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near huge manure heaps, reeking with ammoiiiacal and other gases,
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The best method of determining with the ophthalmoscope the
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i a n.'turn ticket gratis to all members of tiie Massa-
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his belief that the leprous poison is in its essence and origin sy})hilitic,
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urine having the odor of carbolic acid. After lethal doses
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Podophyllin.— H. & C, dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). D., gr. 1-2 (gm. .06-.12).
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-M-;.— s. < III- !«tter; mind clearer. Extractor ergot, thirty-live minims. Bowels moved ;
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In all cases of recovery after excisions of bone, the amonnt and
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less, it is the best and safest diuretic which can be used by
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powder on sores, and for moist skin diseases and ulcerated
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every eight hours. Brandy to be given every two hours, and ten
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It now remains for the city government to sustain this praiseworthy
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nud force of the uterine contractions, but full medicinal
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happy to say that I never spent three days more pleasantly. The
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and weak. I examined the tumor. It was large and hard, situated

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